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Trade Union Pay Claim 2018/19 consulation

Posted: Mon, 19 Jun 2017 11:06 by Wendy Amis

The local government unions' have this week submitted a pay claim which is open to consultation among local councils.

  • The pay claim for 2018/19 includes a 5% increase on all NJC pay points, the deletion of NJC pay points 6, 7, 8 & 9 (the deletion of these pay points to occur after the 5% increase has been applied to ensure that no NJC pay points fall below the Foundation Living Wage rate of £8.45 per hour), and would apply the deletions of the NJC pay points to the GLPC pay spine (i.e to delete Inner and Outer London pay points SCPs 6-9).
  • Meeting the pay claim in full would increase the national pay bill for councils in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by £559m, according to the National Employers, who have issued the below statement from its chair Cllr Sian Timoney:

- "We will be consulting with councils in the coming weeks on pay across the workforce and in particular how we can meet the challenge of the Government's proposed level of the National Living Wage over the next few years. The unions' claim will form part of the consultation. We recognise that public sector workers have had lower than average pay awards for a few years now, but local government continues to face significant financial challenges so we are surprised that the unions are seeking such an ambitious pay award. Local government has lost more than half a million jobs in recent years and meeting this claim would result in many more such job losses."

If you would like to provide feedback through DALC by 31st July, the national association will lobby on our behalf.

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