Connecting Derbyshire

Connecting Derbyshire is a project aimed at increasing the capacity of Local Councils in Derbyshire.

New technology will enable local councils to become more efficient and effective. All tiers of authorities will benefit from improved communications.

Connecting Derbyshire will replicate the proven 'Leicestershire Model' which joins up websites and back end systems across the three tiers of local government to provide a county-wide:

Sarita Presland (left) seen here with Tina Britt from 2commune Limited.

Sarita Presland said "DALC are very proud to be the lead partner on this innovative partnership project in Derbyshire. I became aware of these tried and tested web products supplied by 2commune Limited some time ago. Local councils in Derbyshire will be able to enjoy the many benefits that have been enjoyed in Leicestershire and Rutland for several years".

"As parish and town councils become more important as service providers, having this electronic service delivery infrastructure in place will contribute to joining-up the three tiers of local government in Derbyshire".

"We are working with 2commune Limited to deliver this project and recently launched our new website using their technology known as UK Local Councils (UKLC)".

For local councils, UKLC is more than just a set of web technologies. It provides a dynamic community where sites are reviewed annually, to keep them efficient and effective. Users are fully trained and supported to make the most of their sites.