This half-day interactive session is designed to give you a toolkit of practical tips and techniques that you can use to:

  • enhance your resilience,
  • check in with your wellbeing and
  • look after your mental health.

It will also provide time for you address the challenges of work-life balance and coping with uncertainty and change.


Setting the Scene

  • What is resilience and how does it impact on wellbeing and mental health?
  • How does our perception shape our reality and how can we refocus?
  • Dealing with pressure, change and uncertainty.

Practical Tools & Techniques

  • Getting back in the driving seat
  • Reframing: the art of mental yoga
  • Connecting with purpose and meaning
  • State and mood management
  • Looking after yourself

Action Planning

  • Creating work-life balance plan

Course tutor - Joe Cheal, Imaginarium Learning & Development