Following Cop26, this topic has never been more relevant; particularly as local councils are increasingly being urged to help adapt and mitigate the damaging effects of our changing climate and the growing Biodiversity Crisis.

As a local council, it can be a daunting process knowing just where to start in addressing the threat of Climate Change - or simply how to act meaningfully. Nevertheless, it is at a community level in the UK where councils and organisations are making the greatest difference and helping to implement positive action.

No matter what scale your Parish or Town Council operates at, there are always pragmatic and beneficial opportunities available to help address this growing issue. This webinar identifies the practical changes and steps councils can realistically implement; to operate more sustainably and act as a genuine catalyst for adaption within your community.

The first part of this training course will outline: -

  • The current situation and issues in Derbyshire
  • National policies and the role of principal authorities and agencies in the county
  • The likely impact of forecasted extreme weather events, both locally and in the UK

The main focus of the session, however, will address the opportunities available from a local council perspective, including:-

  • Accessible advice, support and funding
  • Liaising and working in partnership with local sustainability groups in Derbyshire
  • Case studies of positive community action (and how to get such initiatives off the ground)
  • Examples of local council Climate Emergencies Declarations and Action Plans
  • Engaging and bringing your communities with you - by demonstrating best practice, raising awareness, encouraging local participation, adaption and action.
  • Addressing energy efficiency and reducing your council's carbon footprint
  • Influencing local planning development and water management
  • Enhancing biodiversity and land-use in your village, town or parish
  • Ensuring council sustainability and managing resources appropriately

Mike Deegan has over 20 years experience working in nature conservation and a decade as a councillor with his local parish council, where he has developed award winning biodiversity and community projects.