This course will equip delegates with the skills required to help their councils implement effective and legal procurement of supplies and services, and also develop uncomplicated contracts and robust written agreements.

Delivered online via Zoom by experienced practitioner Mike Deegan, the course is split into two parts:

Part 1. 10.00-11.00: Procurement Procedures

  • Understanding current regulations and the need for completing a procurement process
  • Developing criteria for sourcing, purchasing and awarding contracts
  • Managing estimates, quotes and tenders
  • Ensuring quality, value for money, social value and fairness

20 minute break

Part 2. 11.20-12.30: Contracts and Agreements

  • Writing basic contracts and agreements
  • Producing comprehensive specifications
  • Ensuring your contractor's legal compliance, certification and necessary policies
  • Effective contract management

Course fee: £50 for all member delegates