This very well-received course, led by Malc Spray, Director of ICS Support Services Ltd, will help both councillors and clerks be more confident when applying for grant funding.

The session itself will be suitable for those new to fundraising, as well as those that want to improve their understanding of the process. It will help to identify the type of project that may attract external fundraising and how this fits with the duties of a parish council.

Delegates will:

* understand the difference between 'want' and 'need' together with how to identify appropriate evidence of need

* identify that it is more important to answer the actual question asked than trying to identify key words and phrases, as applicants are often surprised at how often applications fail because they don't answer the question that's asked!

* recognise that funders have targets to give money away, and find out exactly how you can help them with their targets!

Delegate fee: £30 members, £80 non-members (up to three free places for Enhanced members)