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    Promoting and developing the work of local councils at district, regional and national levels.

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    Keeping you up-to-date with legislation and best practise.

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    Providing a comprehensive schedule to equip individuals and councils.

Formed by Parish Councils --- Run for Parish Councils --- Delivering to Parish Councils

The Derbyshire Association of Local Councils (DALC) is a not for profit membership organisation, representing, training and advising the parish (including town) councils of Derbyshire, who form the grass roots tier of local government in England.

We offer members a resource of vital, operational information and facilitate communication at all levels of the parish network - district, county, regional and national.

As a membership association we are unable to deal with queries from the public, but we are happy to make general information available through this website. Please do not contact us directly unless you are a member.

Latest News

Vacancies Update

Thu, 16 Oct 2014 17:00 by Sarita Presland

Duffield Parish Council require a part-time Communication and Administration Assistant - closing date November 2014.
Hayfield Parish Council require a Clerk/RFO - closing date 31 October 2014.

Further details can be found on our "job vacancies page"

Quality Council Status Update on new Scheme

Thu, 16 Oct 2014 13:34 by Sarita Presland

Quality Council Scheme As councils will be aware the Quality Council Scheme has been on hold for some time now pending a review of the process. The review has been completed and a new scheme called The Local Council Award Scheme is being launched from January 2015. The award and its administration is run by the National Association of Local Councils. NALC have produced the following explanatory information regarding the new scheme, together with options for currently accredited quality councils. More »

The Local Council Award Scheme

Local (community, neighbourhood, parish, village and town) councils are at the very heart of their communities; giving neighbourhoods a voice and making people more involved in the decisions that affect them. Over 15 million people (35% of the population) live in the communities served by local councils. Through an extensive range of discretionary powers local councils provide and maintain a variety of

important and visible local services including allotments, bus shelters, car parks, open spaces, transport schemes, safety and crime reduction, events, leisure and sports facilities, litter bins, public toilets, street cleaning and youth projects.

The Local Council Award Scheme exists to celebrate the successes of the very best local councils, and to provide a framework to support all local councils to improve and develop to meet their full potential. Local councils want to serve their communities as best they can and make a real difference to the lives of the people that live there, and this scheme aims to help them achieve theirgoals. The scheme offers councils the opportunity to show that they meet the standards set by the

sector, assessed by their peers, and to put in place the conditions for continued improvement.

The Award Scheme has been designed to provide the tools and encouragement to those councils at the beginning of their improvement journeys, as well as promoting and recognising councils that are at the cutting edge of the sector. It is only through the sector working together, to share best practice, drive up standards and supporting those who are committed to improving their offer to their communities that individual councils and the sector as a whole will reach its full potential.

The quality council scheme has three award levels:

Foundation, Quality and Quality Gold

Which award level should we apply for?


The Foundation award is for councils who want to show they meet a set of minimum standards to deliver effectively for their communities. To meet this award the council demonstrates that it has the required documentation and information in place for operating lawfully and according to standard practice. The council also has policies for training for its councillors and officers and so has the foundations for improvement and development in place.

The Foundation award allows you to benchmark your performance as well as challenging you to consider your councils continuing development and improvement.


The Quality Award demonstrates that a council achieves good practice in governance, community engagement and council improvement. Quality councils go above and beyond their legal obligations, leading their communities and continuously seeking opportunities to improve and develop even further.

To achieve the Quality Award a council demonstrates that it meets all requirements of the Foundation Award and has additional evidence of good governance, effective community engagement and council improvement. Due to the level of this achievement, a council with a Quality Award is eligible to use the general power of competence.

Quality Gold

The Quality Gold Award demonstrates that a council is at the forefront of best practice and achieves excellence in governance, community leadership and

council development. Quality Gold councils provide leadership for their communities, bring people together, have excellent business planning processes, ensuring value for money as well as constantly seeking new innovations and opportunities to improve. They highlight the very best we, as a sector, can achieve for our communities.

Options for current quality councils

We would like current Quality Councils to be able to access and be accredited by the new scheme as quickly and easily as possible. We would like them to see that we acknowledge and appreciate their loyalty to the scheme over its review. We also would like the new scheme to build up a momentum quickly after its launch, and in particular to get a number of councils at the Quality Gold level so that they can share the experience and benefits of achieving this status.

Proposed options:


All quality councils will have the option to receive foundation status without going through the accreditation process and at no cost. This status will expire at the end of December 2015. This allows the council to keep continuous accreditation in the scheme, whilst preparing the criteria for the new scheme, if they wish to do so.

The council will need to request this, if we receive no contact or communication from a council then it will lose its quality status. We will of course do all we can to contact all current quality councils so that they do not miss out unintentionally.


All quality councils can apply for this at half the normal fee.

The will also be able to apply for this before the formal launch of the scheme in 2015, to ensure that they are able to be one of the first councils to receive this status.

Quality Gold

All quality councils can apply for this at 75% the normal fee.

They will also be able to apply for this before the formal launch of the scheme in 2015, to ensure that they are able to be one of the first councils to receive this prestigious status » Less

The Government is seeking views on proposals that will make it easier for residents and businesses to work together to produce a neighbourhood plan.

The Government is seeking views on proposals that will make it easier for residents and businesses to work together to produce a neighbourhood plan.

Thu, 14 Aug 2014 16:47 by Sarita Presland

The Government is seeking views on proposals that will make it easier for residents and businesses to work together to produce a neighbourhood plan. Their proposals will also take account of the experiences of over 900 neighbourhood areas which have already been designated by local authorities and are making use of their new right to produce a neighbourhood plan or Neighbourhood Development Order. Whilst the new measure will seek to speed the process up by requiring local planning authorities to decide whether to designate certain neighbourhood areas within 10 weeks and removing the minimum six week consultation period, parish and town councils and neighbourhood forums would still need to consult and win a local referendum on the final neighbourhood plan or Order. More »

Full details of the consultation and an on line survey can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/technical-consultation-on-planning » Less

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