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DALC is a membership organisation owned and managed by the member councils in Derbyshire. We welcome you to join us at our AGM which is being held online and provides an opportunity to further understand what we have done for our members over the year.

The annual general meeting will normally include:

- resolutions proposed by members and notified to the company not less than 7 working days before the meeting 

- the election of directors (not for this year, being the first year of the new company),

- the appointment of the auditors or independent examiners (as the case may be),

- the appointment of representatives to the council of NALC, 

- the directors’ annual report to members and the statement of accounts for the previous financial year 

If your council has a resolution to be considered by the AGM, please ensure that it is communicated to the Chief Officer by 30th October 2023.

There is no limit on the number of attendees from each member council. However, there is a limit of  2 persons per member council to act as its representatives to attend, to speak and to vote at a general meeting. These must be parish councillors holding office in the council or a duly appointed Clerk to the council, and in the case of a parish meeting, its representatives must be either the chair of the parish meeting and a local government elector of the parish or local government electors of the parish.

Date & Time
14 November 2023
10:00 11:30 Europe/London

Derbyshire ALC

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